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“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” - Plato

About us

Visionaria Games is a Mexican company that designs and develops programs for the development of social-emotional and cognitive skills for the K-12 market.

We design, develop and build learning programs using interactive digital media and other technological components, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Our innovative solutions propitiate noticeable results in order to care and prevent real and present social problems, such as drug addiction and bullying.

Our gamification process allows us to create contents using our own registered method, enhancing learning and being capable of measuring the results.




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Our Services

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Pre-built Programs.

Gamification Tools.

Metrics and Tests.

Audience Management.

Technology and Resources


  • Axeleratum

    With the design and development of educational methods with emphasis in the gamification of contents.

  • Empower Data

    In the creation of technological tools for the development of our products and services.

  • Aledusad

    In collaboration alliances to improve the quality of the education in Mexico.

  • UMIN - Mexican University of Business

    With the development of intervention elements at socia-aimed programs.

  • Universidad Iberoamericana

    With the development of educational methods for the promotion of critical thinking in elementary school kids.

  • El Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Apatzingán

    With the development of advanced systems for data analysis and multimedia products.

  • Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte

    With the development of educational programs for the drug addiction prevention.

  • Papalote, Museo del Niño

    With the development of video games and other interactive media, promoting the critical thinking in elementary school kids.



José María Velasco 101, 3th floor, San José Insurgentes, 03900 Mexico City, CDMX


(55) 7591.9111 and (55) 7591.9191